Associated Student Government voted to give Phi Sigma Kappa $1,100 as a reserve fund request and recognized Recreation Club as an official registered student organization during their meeting on Feb. 21. 

“Most of what we are asking for, which is the $1,100 of allocations, is to help out with paying for our trips for our Midwestern Conclave, which is where all of our chapters here in the Midwest meet up,” said Logan Fisher, Phi Sigma Kappa treasurer and sophomore economics and mathematics major. 

The bill passed with 16 in favor and 0 against, according to Michaela Todd, ASG vice president and senior communication and political science major. It was sponsored by Paul Frost, senator and junior accounting major. 

Phi Sigma Kappa was rerecognized as an organization by ASG last semester, according to Fisher. 

“We go through training for our officers (during the conclave), making sure that our execs are doing what they need to be doing, which is incredibly crucial for our chapter here on campus, seeing as how we are newly chartered,” Fisher said. “Most of our exec board is still learning their full positions.”

The Midwestern Conclave this year is held in Springfield, Missouri, according to Fisher. It is usually held in Missouri or Kansas.

Recreation Club was seeking recognition as a Registered Student Organization. The bill was sponsored by Jacob Miller, senator and junior communication major. The bill passed with 16 in favor and 0 against, according to Todd.

“Basically, we are a club wanting to provide leisure activities for the general student body,” said Myra Cassady, president of recreation club and sophomore recreation major. “Right now we are mainly composed of recreation majors because we’re recreation.”

The club has 13 active members and 20 total. They plan to seek allocations next year to pay for their conference. 

“Right now we are wanting to plan a few events for the general student body,” Cassady said. “We’re looking into having the basketball team play a basketball game with the intramural champions.” 

The next ASG meeting will be at 5:15 p.m. on March 21 in the Senate Chambers of the Memorial Union.

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