Associated Student Government approved two new organizations, Trauma Informed Educators and Phi Delta Theta, as Registered Student Organizations, during their meeting last Thursday.

Both organizations were approved with 19 in favor, 0 against and 0 abstentions, according to Michaela Todd, vice president of ASG and senior communication and political science major. 

“Our goal is to inform future educators about how some or all of their students might come from a...trauma background, and then teaching our educators how to get those students to learn,” said Jenna Pennington, senior elementary education major. 

Trauma Informed Educators currently has 40 to 50 members, according to Shannon McCullagh, senior elementary education major.

“With them (students) being traumatized, it can be really hard for them to get to a place to learn,” Pennington said. “Our goal is to teach the future educators to get those students to learn, to build relationships with those students and hopefully provide tools for those students to regulate themselves.”

Phi Delta Theta was looking to be approved, as their status as an RSO lapsed due to lack of membership. 

Currently Phi Delta Theta has 15 members, according to Camaron Edgecomb, president and sophomore computer science major.

“I was not much in contact with the past group that was here,” Edgecomb said. “As I understand, they did not do many social activities. We (are trying) to do at least one to two social activities a week, and those are usually relax things, not partying.”

ASG will meet again at 5:15 p.m. Feb. 21 in the senate chambers.

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