Brayden Soper and Amaya Oshel ASG

Brayden Soper, sophomore political science major, listens intently to his running mate, Amaya Oshel, junior sociology major, on Feb. 25. Soper and Oshel are the only candidates running for Associated Student Government. 


Only one pair of students is currently running for Associated Student Government president and vice-president. Candidate Brayden Soper, sophomore political science major, is running with Amaya Oshel, junior sociology major. 

Soper and Oshel have been working together for almost a year and a half and said that they believe together, they make a great fit for the university.

“I think what makes me a good fit, and Brayden and I together as a whole too, we both have a lot of different experiences in different organizations that give us more options and experiences and ways that we can connect,” Oshel said. “Especially for me being a multiracial student coming from low income, I have a lot of that experience that I can connect with those who might be struggling with the college transition.” 

Caring is one of his main beliefs, Soper said. 

“I’m a really compassionate person and I think we’ve really gotten out of touch with caring for each other and just being really love-first as opposed to (being) judgemental and all of that,” Soper said. 

If elected, Soper and Oshel hope to implement some ideas they have to promote diversity programs.

 “You know when you apply to a university and you check if you’re African American, Hispanic, Latino, like all of those things, that information doesn’t go anywhere,” Oshel said. “One things we’d like to see is to take that information and put all those students into an email list where they get emails of all our diversity student programs we have or organizations that they have so it’s more easily accessible for our students to understand what resources are on campus for those underrepresented populations.” 

Current ASG president, Paul Frost, senior management major, said that it’s important for students to vote in the upcoming elections. 

“These people are going to potentially be the ones that represent you at the university level,” Frost said. “The student voice is always important and always needs to be heard. Sometimes there might be a disconnect between if the student voice is truly being heard so you, as students, we need to make sure we’re being active in the voting process.” 

Elections will be held next week from March 3-5. Students can vote online through Hornet365.

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