Kristian Gilmore, sophomore communication major, talks about sexual harassment on campus Monday in the Senate Chamber during an Associated Student Government meeting. The bill was originated by Caylie Ratzlaff, ASG Senator and sophomore secondary education major, and sponsored by Gilmore.

Associated Student Government introduced a resolution condemning Emporia State’s response to the sexual misconduct case on campus at their meeting Monday. The resolution was in response to a Bulletin article about a sexual misconduct investigation in which “Jane,” an undergraduate Korean student, alleged that Brian Schrader, tenured psychology professor, took her into a storage room, touched her inappropriately and tried to kiss her. 

“Associated Student Government, the student body and all the victims of sexual assault and harassment call for the removal of Brian Schrader from the Emporia State faculty in accordance with providing a safe environment to current and future Hornets,” Kristian Gilmore, ASG senator and sophomore communication major read from the resolution.

Caylie Ratzlaff, ASG Senator and sophomore secondary education major, originated the resolution, and it was sponsored by Gilmore. 

“Associated Student Government recognizes all victims of sexual harassment and assault and the trauma involved in being a victim,” Gilmore read from the resolution. “Associated Student Government calls for Emporia State University to handle all sexual assault cases with zero tolerance, and support for the victims.”

The resolution stated an intent to, upon its passing, be sent out to ESU President Allison Garrett, Faculty Senate, The Bulletin, The Emporia Gazette and “any other entities involved within this matter.”

“Associated Student Government applauds the effort of The Bulletin to bring light to this misconduct from Brian Schrader and Emporia State University,” Gilmore said. “Associated Student Government calls for Emporia State University to do better. It’s on us to stop sexual assault and provide a safe environment for all people on campus.”

There were concerns about the resolution. Nick Wathke, ASG senator and junior history and political science major, proposed that the resolution take out all individuals names, including Brian Schrader and Jane. Wathke also argued that the resolution should exclude any mention of media coverage on this case of sexual misconduct.

 “I think we should look at the fact that we are a legislative body and we are not here to condemn specific individuals,” Wathke said. “We also need to take into account that the results of the investigation of the incident cited in this resolution are not yet conclusive.”

However, according to the investigation’s summary by Ray Lauber, director of Human Resources, Affirmative Action and Title IX Coordinator, there is  a “preponderance of evidence” that indicated Schrader violated the university’s sexual conduct policy.

There was not sufficient time for all concerns about this resolution to be addressed during this meeting and the resolution was tabled. It will be further discussed at the following ASG meeting at 5:15 p.m.  March 15 in the Senate Chambers.  

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