Town Hall

President Hush speaks to members of ASG and one student at Wednesday's town hall meeting. The meeting was sponsored and organized by ASG.

One student showed up to a town hall meeting put on by the Emporia State Associated Student Government (ASG) and led by ESU President Ken Hush yesterday in the Preston Family Room. They discussed the LAS restructuring, university growth and potential future projects.

“I feel like more students should’ve showed up to show that students are interested in what’s happening,” said Kellee Banks, ASG senator and junior inter-disciplinary studies and entrepreneurship major. “That would have been appreciated.”

The event was announced on ASG’s Instagram page along with it being listed in Hornet Announcements. 

ASG members asked Hush questions such as how the university plans to better support student teachers. He responded with a goal to either pay student teachers or have the university pay for their last semester.

“We need to do something and I think legislators are open to it,” Hush said.

The Liberal Arts and Sciences restructuring was also brought up during the meeting. Hush said he did not have a restructuring model he preferred and that the goal is to have a more finalized plan within the next 30-45 days.

“The new provost, Dr. Brent Thomas, is leading that ship,” Hush said. “In fact, he’s actually taken it one step further and has engaged on other back view members to look at (the restructuring).”

Near the end of the meeting, Hush discussed some things he’d like to see on campus and his goals. Some of these included an upcoming announcement about parking on campus, a desire to grow international student enrollment and he thinks it would be “cool” to have an amphitheater near Wooster Lake for hosting events.

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