ASG meets to discuss LIOs

Associated Student Government prepares for the first readings of the Line Item Organizations. ASG reviews student fees yearly. 

With voting for members of associated student government slated to take place March 3-5, online and throughout campus, and the first readings of the line item budget proposals, the third ASG meeting of the semester brought in onlookers and RSO representatives. 

“Petitions and applications were due at five today so that window is officially closed, so now we can announce who the candidates are,” said Sarah Lewis, ASG election commissioner. “Our presidential candidates are Brayden Soper and Amaya Oshel. This Wednesday is the election debate in the PKP room at six, with the election running form the third to the fifth (of March) …following all this the announcement party will be in CSI at 6:45 p.m. on March sixth.” 

Besides the presidential election, ten students will also be running for senate positions. With the passing of three resolutions and three bills, the ASG also announced the disbursement of the “Love Your Campus mini-grants”, a program aimed at promoting diversity on campus, according to ASG president Paul Frost. 

“We will be awarding the (“Love Your Campus mini-grants”) to three RSO’s,” said at-large senator and junior social science education major Tayler Loudermill. “The first is the Black Student Union for their program with student veterans in March, the next is the Chinese Students and Scholars Association for their work with Chinese blossoms in the community, and also Athletic Training club for their work trying to get equipment for assistive technology.” 

Other than awarding money, the ASG also ran through its first reading of the line item organizations budget proposals. The LIOs determine how student fees are utilized for various programs on campus from The Bulletin to athletics. They will be read two more times and potentially revised before being finalized for the next semester. 

The ASG fiscal affairs committee proposed increasing The Bulletin fee from $10.25 to $11.28 for full time students and from $1.3 to $1.43 per credit hour for others. They also debated adjusting the athletic band stipend from $10 to $12 for full time students and from 75c to 1$ per credit hour for others. 

The next ASG meeting will be at 5:30 p.m., March 6, in the senate chambers on the third floor of the student union. 

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