All Recognized Student Organizations are now required to take part in a diversity and inclusion training. Associated Student Government passed the new bill with a 20-0-0 vote during their bi-weekly meeting on Sept. 16. 

The requirement is meant to “promote widespread awareness of university ideals and help to create a more inclusive campus,” according to the bill. This inclusive campus will improve the experience of current Emporia State students but also show the Emporia community that ESU “is dedicated to providing an education and home to all,” according to the bill. 

The bill was originated by Lucy Steyer, president of ASG and senior political science major, and Lauren Moon, vice president and junior biology and chemistry education major. 

“One of Emporia State University’s goals is to be a diverse and inclusive environment on campus,” Steyer said during the meeting. “And we have those trainings in a lot of different orientations already. So we wanted to bring that to all clubs and organizations, considering a lot of students are already involved in those, and just creating that safe and welcoming environment across campus and not just in the classrooms.”  

The exact specifications of the required trainings have not yet been decided. Another bill detailing what the training will include, how often it will be required, how many members of each RSO will be required to attend, and more will be drafted and voted on at a later meeting. The Diversity and Inclusion committee will share their vision with the rest of the senate. 

The training would take place during the All Things RSO event since RSOs are already required to be there, according to Steyer. All Things RSO will be held virtually at 5:15 p.m. on Oct. 6. 

If ASG wants to hold the training during All Things RSO this year, they will have to work quickly to write and pass the bill with the specific details, according to Moon. 

The vision idea is to require one member from each RSO to attend the training and then pass on that information to the rest of their organization, according to Moon. 

The training would be modeled after the diversity training that Resident Assistants go through before the school year begins. This training includes discussions about pronouns and how to have uncomfortable conversations, according to Steyer.  

ASG hopes to have Diversity Student Programs and the Diversity Ambassadors host the training.  

There was some discussion on how often RSOs would be required to attend these training sessions. 

“As someone who is very intersectional, I believe that it is important that we re-certify these RSOs every year,” said Sen. Bennett Montgomery, freshman theatre major, during the meeting. “Because we do have new students coming in and new officers that are elected, so I feel that it’s important that we keep that standard for each and every one of these RSOs every year.” 

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