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Michaela Todd, Associated Student Government vice president, appeared on Fox News in their “Fox & Friends” segment this morning to talk about the backlash she received from students after using the words “illegal aliens” to support Kris Kobach in a post on Facebook. The post said Kobach would “put Kansans first, not illegal aliens.”

“I used the term ‘illegal alien’ because that is what he used in his platform and it also is a legal term,” said Todd, senior political science and communications major said on Fox. “It is a legal term that’s used in the federal government, it’s used here in Kansas, (and) it’s also used in universities around the country including Emporia State.”

Students and the ASG diversity and inclusion committee asked for Todd’s resignation and called for her impeachment. However, after concerns of infringing on Todd’s First Amendment rights, the committee retracted their request.

Todd also told Fox she had no plans to resign and was planning to continue as ASG vice president to represent “students a lot like her.”

“I have also had a lot of students come out and support me in this when people were attacking me,” Todd said on Fox. “These students are a lot like me. They are conservative students and they haven’t felt like they’ve able to voice what they believe in at Emporia State. So I feel like backing down would be doing them a disservice because they’re able to use this as a platform to voice their beliefs also.”

ESU’s also released a statement to Fox news.

“The university encouraged Associated Student Government to study the issue and determine appropriate next steps,” according to ESU’s statement to Fox.

“The administration at Emporia State is taking a very hands-off approach to this,” Todd said on Fox. “They believe this is a student issue and it is.”

Ainsley Earhardt, Fox & Friends co-host, encouraged Todd to stay true to who she is at the end of the segment.

Todd did not respond to requests for an interview about her appearance on Fox news.


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