The Student Wellness Center and Center for Student Involvement is hosting a C.H.E.W. event on Feb. 21 in the basement of the 1st Christian Church across from Beach Hall.

“C.H.E.W. stands for Cook Healthy and Eat Well,” said Chelsea Sowart, junior nursing major. “We just really want to help students because you go from that home cooked meal all the time growing up or having someone else buy the food for you...We want to make this transition easy.”

During the class, everyone will receive a folder full of recipes and tips for healthy eating and staying on a budget. Sowart helped prepare ingredients and meal lists in previous events and is helping organize the next one as well.

“This time is going to be different. The skills are going to be different. The menu is going to be different,” Sowart said.

According to Mary McDaniel Anschutz, director of health services, it’s rare for a school the size of Emporia State to have its own registered dietician.

“Over the years, we’ve had a lot of students that have indicated that they would like to eat healthy, but they don’t know how to cook,” Anschutz said. “Or they are not sure how to prepare healthy foods with a student budget because there’s a real perception that you can’t eat healthy if you have no money, but there are ways you can stretch your budget and eat semi-healthy.”

While largely organized by the student wellness center they don’t work alone.

“We also partner with Corky’s Cupboard, so we try to incorporate some of the items in the cupboard,” Anschutz said. “Students struggling with food insecurity can take some of the items from the cupboard and further stretch that budget.”

Emily Prouse, a registered dietician for the student wellness center is helping host the event.

“Working with students over the last four years I’ve been at ESU and just seeing a gap for students from living at home to college and not having a good understanding or comfort level about what to do in the kitchen,” Prouse said.

According to Prouse, it seems that ESU is doing a lot for nutrition that not a lot of other colleges seem to be doing.

“I’ve seen students that just want to lose weight,” Prouse said. “I’ve had students who have a family history of diabetes or heart disease, some with eating disorders trying to work their way through that.”

Students can call the Student Wellness Center to register for the C.H.E.W. event, as spots are limited.

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