Students write comments about the food at The Hornet’s Nest in Memorial Union. Comments are reviewed by

cafeteria staff in consideration of change.

ESU students who dine at the Hornet’s Nest, the cafeteria, can leave comments on cards located by the exit doors.

“This is the first campus I have been on where students are vocal and (take) the time to fill out comment cards,” said Myron Bridges, Sodexo General Manager.

Bridges said he reads and reviews the cards multiple times a day.

A few of the changes implemented because of the comment cards are the addition of hand sanitizers and menu changes, according to Bridges.

“We don’t want to just change it all in a day, but we want to think it through to make that a successful program,” Bridges said.

There are approximately 15 cases of curly fries in the cafeteria now thanks to the comment cards, according to Bridges. Additionally, bagels are now available all day and more chicken tenders are on the menu.

“I don’t take the cards and just throw them away...I don’t come out and say, ‘Oh I bought some curly fries, so I’m good,’” Bridges said. “Each and every comment is reviewed and re-reviewed.”

Bridges also said that other cereal options are on the way, as is a vegan/vegetarian/gluten-free dedicated section based on the comments he’s received. Miranda Veesart, sophomore economics major, said she has seen a lot of cards about dirty dishes.

Bridges said he recently went out and bought timers to remind the staff to change the dish water every hour and half instead of every two hours.

“I think they need to keep them (the comment cards),” said Larissa Livingston, freshman undecided major. “How are people supposed to express their emotions and feelings about the caf if they don’t have any form of communication?”

Bridges said the comment cards are here to stay, but they are developing other ways for students to communicate with staff.

“We’re going to take it to the next level,” Bridges said. “We’re creating (a) dining services email because not everyone is comfortable with (the comment cards).”

Bridges has only been the general manager here for two months but has already made some big changes. He brought ESU the s’mores bar, the nacho bar, the Thanksgiving Meal, and the Late-Night Breakfast.

“There’s a lot more variety coming,” Bridges said.

Students who want to have more of a voice about the cafeteria and the food on campus should join the Culinary Council, as they need more participants, according to Bridges.

To join, students must be on a meal plan and be willing to meet once a month. Those interested should email Memorial Union Director Carmen Leeds at

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