Students order pick-up at Slice of Life

ESU students order Slice of Life outside the Hornets Nest. Dorm residents were given green food bins to eat and transport food with.

To reduce the spread of the coronavirus dining services has limited the amount of guests in the Hornets Nest and encouraged students to pick up their food rather than eat in. 

Students like Stephanie Hernandez, sophomore elementary education major, can pick up their food with provided green containers.

"(Dining) has gone pretty well. It is kind of hard sometimes because you have to go make reservations...if you don't get here early (the food) goes pretty swiftly," Hernandez said. "Usually if you want to grab your food and eat somewhere else with your friends it's nice."

With 200 out of 300 seats removed, the dining hall has moved to reservations-only. While masks are normally required on campus, they are not required when eating.

"I like how its sectioned off because you can still eat with friends but not in as big a group which is fine," Hernandez said. "I think it's a positive but its also very different...I was glad that we are back and on campus."

Myron Bridges, general manager of dining services, said the changes are a necessary one. 

"One of the biggest changes is that guests can not serve themselves," Bridges said. "We have staff able to provide."

According to Bridges dining services have had to hire additional staff to keep up with changes.

"With so many stations it means there is more people behind the lines to aid and assist ," Bridges said. "The Slice of Life has moved to a grab and go takeout style as well."

The Starbucks in the Memorial Union has also removed its seating and the Hornet Express has moved to a pick-up system using Grubhub. 

For more information about the campus return policy visit

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