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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced a formal impeachment inquiry against President Donald Trump.

“Each house has an independent role in the process,” said Michael Smith, chair and professor of social sciences. “The house acts sort of as a grand jury if you’re familiar with those, where they look at the evidence to see if an actual trial can be conducted by the senate. We’ve only had two presidents impeached, Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton. This situation with president Trump and the leader of Ukraine is certainly a tipping point for many democrats.”

The impeachment inquiry comes in the wake of the Muller report and revelations regarding President Trump withdrawing military support from the Ukraine in exchange for information on presidential candidate Joe Biden and his family.

“Even if the democrats have votes in the house to have a trial, they have to have enough votes in the senate to do anything,” Smith said. “If it's along party lines, it just won’t work, the math isn’t there.”

According to Smith, the announcement of the proceeding may frame the election in a certain way.

“I certainly think it depends who you ask,” Smith said. “I do think that the situation in Ukraine is significant and not just an excuse. Some of the things that he has acknowledged he did are quite serious.”

Mackenzie Haddix, vice president of the Young College Republicans and sophomore elementary education and political science major, said she disagreed with the decision to launch an inquiry.

“I believe that the democrats in congress right now have been trying to impeach President Trump for a variety of reasons,” Haddix said. “They have provided no evidence at all for what they are proposing. I believe that every single time that the democrats push for impeachment they are helping Donald Trump win 2020 because people are getting tired of it. People are getting tired of hearing the same thing over and over again from a political side and not having anything to back it up…Liberals have taken over college campuses, they’ve taken over the media, they’ve taken over Hollywood. Pretty much every large mainstream outlet they’ve controlled.”

The inquiry into President Trump would be the fourth one ever conducted by Congress, with previous proceedings against former Presidents Johnson, Nixon and Clinton.

“I think he deserves to be impeached,” said Elicia Aceves, senior art major. “He’s just done so many things that if it were anyone else, they would go to jail, but he doesn’t because he’s the president.”

According to Aceves, President Trump has worked to separate the nation and not bring them together.

“My dad’s an immigrant so all of his family is still In Mexico,” Aceves said. “It’s just really disheartening to see these things and claims that people make. Like when he said Mexicans are rapists which was sad because that’s like my dad.”

According to Aceves, her aunt still lives in Tijuana, Mexico.

“She was telling me about when everybody was at the border and they were having all those problems,” Aceves said. “She was telling me how awful it was, how people were wondering around, there were kids everywhere. I do feel like its personal, because as a half Mexican woman especially, I feel like he doesn’t have any respect for me, he doesn’t have respect for my family, he doesn’t have respect for other women. Why would I want to respect someone who doesn’t respect me?”

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