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Thirty-two students have tested positive for COVID-19 through the Student Wellness Center this week, according to the Emporia State COVID-19 Dashboard. Adding in results from the group testing, there are currently 42 active cases on campus, according to Lyon County Public Health.

"ESU, like the surrounding community, is experiencing community spread," said Gwen Larson, director of media relations. "The best ways to protect ourselves from COVID remain what we've been told from the beginning. Wear a mask inside and outside when we can't social distance. Social distance and good hand hygiene."

Currently, there are no plans to end in-person classes any sooner than before Thanksgiving break.

"We have no evidence that in-class transmission of the disease is happening," Larson said. "We continue to offer academic accommodations for students."

Larson stressed the importance of following protocol during this time.

"Those who contract the disease should isolate," Larson said. "Those who are exposed should quarantine. Both requiring staying home and away from others until cleared by public health or your health care provider."

If you are not feeling well and are experiencing either coronavirus or flu symptoms, call (instead of visiting) the Student Wellness Center at 620-341-5222 or Newman Regional Health, 1201 W 12th Street, at 620-343-6800.

Stay up-to-date:

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