Two professors in the modern languages department are planning a summer trip to Chía, Colombia for four weeks beginning on May 27. There are still openings for students to join the trip.

“The Study Abroad to Colombia is open to all ESU students,” said Gregory Robinson, associate professor of modern languages. “We are specifically targeting those students that need to fulfill their general re-quirements, either the language requirement or the multicultural perspective.”

Students who need their 10 credits of modern language for their general education prerequisites can fulfill these requirements by going on the Colombia trip.

“Faculty-led study abroad programs like this offer ESU students an opportunity to go with the comfort of a group to experience another country,” said Mark Daly, dean of international education. “They gain valuable cross-cultural skills and, in this case, improve their Spanish proficiency as they navigate greater Bogotá, live with local host families, and learn alongside students at our partner institution La Universidad de la Sabana.”

Additionally the trip can provide a deeper understanding of the world and other cultures, according to Rachel Spaulding, assistant professor of modern languages.

“Traveling outside of the country and living in another culture is one of the most important experiences to develop as a human,” Spaulding said. “When you live with people who see the world differently you learn love, appreciation and tolerance. You become an adept problem solver and a skilled negotiator.”

The cost of the trip is $3,700 plus ESU tuition, depending on whether the student takes one or two classes while studying abroad, according to Robinson.

“At present, we have 17 students and two faculty going,” Robinson said. “We still have a few spots left. Contact us right away.”

Students who are interested in the trip should contact Spaulding as soon as possible,  and make a deposit of $750 to secure their place. The money will be used to buy their plane ticket to Colombia.

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