The campus was notified that there will be a Strategic Plan Review Committee in the upcoming months, according to a recent email sent out from President Alison Garrett.

The original Strategic Plan was put in place in 2015 as a goal to keep the university on track to success and improvement, according to the email.

The original goals were to “pursue distinctive initiatives in curricula and programs that will foster vibrant communities, enrich the student experience with opportunities for leadership development and practice, enhance the competitive role of Kansas by achieving the State’s goals for public higher education, create a culture of adaptive change as the foundation for innovation and growth (and to) become a model for diversity, equity, and inclusion (which was added in 2017),” according to the email.

Amy Sage Webb, professor of English, modern languages and journalism, said she’s already gotten some feedback from those on campus.

“My understanding is that this is not a major overhaul of the strategic plan, but a revisiting to see where we are,” Sage Webb said. “I will see when I show up to that meeting what our charge is and then of course, (I’ll) reach out to liberal arts and sciences. People have already emailed me when they saw that message, sharing things they’re doing in their departments, things that they think are important.”

The committee is composed of nine people: David Cordle, chair; Amy Sage Webb, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences; Gaelynn Wolf Bordonaro, Teachers College; Antonina Bauman, School of Business; Mirah Dow, School of Library and Information Management; Michael Webb, Associated Student Government; Shane Shivley, ESU foundation; Lynn Hobson, Student Affairs; and Angela Wolgram, Administration and Finance.

Webb, a senior business administraion major, is the student representative. His part will be to help advocate for the students success, Webb said.

“My role is to bring in the student perspective,” Webb said. “It’s a strategic plan, so it’s meant to progress the university over the years and it’s meant for now, but also the future is really important… (My role is also) to gauge how we can move the students forward.”

This plan committee is also how Garrett hopes to improve the university, according to the email. The committee will meet soon and have a plan by the end of the academic year.

“The committee will begin its work in the near future,” Garrett said in the email. “It will deliver a report by the end of the current academic year...Having a plan and pursuing goals is how we ensure a bright future for the university.”

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