Conceal and Carry Class

Skylar Delmont, Certified Conceal Carry Administration trainer, demonstrates how to safely disassemble a handgun on Sept. 14, at the Twelfth Avenue Baptist Church. Teaching the class how to safely demonstrate tasks, such as this was a top priority before going to the shooting range later in the class.  

An eight-hour United States Conceal Carry Administration training seminar was held at Twelfth Avenue Baptist to a group of six looking to attain their conceal carry handgun permits.  

The training seminar was taught by Skyler Delmont, a USCCcertified trainer.  

“Everything I’m giving you here is good information, but it is not legal advice, if you’re looking for legal advice you have to consult an attorney,” said Delmont. “...Carry a gun so you’re hard to kill and know the law so you’re hard to convict.”  

As a licensed carrier, Delmont said he recommends carrying a powerful flashlight as well as a personal medical kit with some compression gauze and bleeding control agents.  

“You are much more likely to come across a medical emergency than a violent crime,” Delmont said.  

The group of attendees ranged from several current carriers to those relatively new to firearms. 

“I have a minimal background with firearms,” said Steve Blocker, track coach at Emporia State. “I want to be self-reliant since there’s a lot of bad information out there, so I thought I needed some information about this.”  

Half of the attendants were used to conceal and carry, but wanted to know the legal aspects and get a proper certification.  

“I grew up around guns, my dad was an avid shooter and he used to shoot every day,” said Samantha Morrison, Emporian. “Even though I was around it all the time, I didn’t know the in’s and out’s of it. Our state doesn’t require a license, but I’ve been carrying for a while so now I want to know the legal side of what I can and can’t do.”  

Hamon Norman, an Emporia native, had previously been certified to carry.  

“I was the victim of a home invasion in 2009 and I was not prepared…he got away,” Norman said. 

According to Norman the invader was armed, which led him to pursue his conceal and carry license.  

The seminar included everything from selecting and maintaining a firearm, to proper storage and proficiency.  

“Family members are something that should be considered when you are storing your firearms and they need to be taught the basics of firearms,” Delmont said. “If they are not a mystery then your kids are going to leave them alone as opposed to if you lock them up and the kids are going to know you have it. If it becomes a mystery, then as soon as you’re gone they’re gonna want to seek out and find it.”  

According to Delmont, a good rule of thumb is to teach children to not touch firearms at all. 

“We tell them ‘Stop, don’t touch it, leave the area and tell an adult,” Delmont said. This is a consideration you have to make.”  

Delmont recommends keeping ammunition in their factory containers and to properly dispose of misfired or bad ammunition at a police department.  

In most jurisdictions CCH license is still required in order to lawfully conceal and carry. Kansas law will not follow a Kansan everywhere they go, and it is their responsibility to know the governing firearm regulations. 

For more information regarding CCH and firearm regulations you can consult K.S.A 75-7c01 et seq., the Kansas Personal and Family Protection Act or call the Attorney General’s office at 785-296-2215.  


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What? This is INSANE? A coach is going to conceal carry? Where is Kansas going?


Gray Man Training held this training course. The church was simply the location it was held in. This article's inaccuracies are misleading. Please, attempt to be more honest/accurate in your journalism.

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