The Emporia State debate team competed in two tournaments this past weekend. One pair went on to beat the University of Kansas while the other placed second overall.

Kalese Warfield, sophomore business administration major, and Nico Sims, freshman political science major, competed in an invite only round robin debate in Newark, New Jersey at Rutgers University and went on to beat the University of Kansas.

Squid Monteith, senior speech and theatre education major, and Keryk Kuiper, freshman communications major, competed in Wichita, Kansas and went on to place second in the final round.

“There’s only one or two (round robins) held every season and they are extremely competitive,” said Courtney Schauer, assistant director of debate. “You have to be specifically on a short list of schools that are deemed nationally competitive enough to qualify for a round robin...It’s very prestigious to receive an invitation to one.”

Warfield said that one of her highlight moments was getting to debate in front of previous national champions.

“(A highlight moment) was when I was able to debate in front of the previous national debate tournament champion and the (Cross Examination Debate Association) national champion, who happens to be an alumnus of Emporia State...I was able to debate in front of him (and) I think it was a really great debate.”

The team ultimately left the tournament with one win and four losses. The win against KU meant a lot according to Schauer.

“Beating KU was so incredibly important to us because they are in the same national district as us,”Schauer said. “When we, in mid-February, travel down to Oklahoma City to compete for a chance to go to the NDT, that is a team we absolutely have to beat in order to secure on of the very few spots at the National Debate Tournament.”

For the team that competed in Wichita, they went on to make it to the final round, but ultimately lost in a close debate, according to Chris Loghry, instructor and director of debate.

“We did extremely well,” Loghry said. “Keryk was fifth individual speaker and Squid was 11th out of a field of about 50 individuals and 25 partnerships.”

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