The Phi Delta Theta house is located at 1326 Highland Street. The fraternity will be installing April 14 and 15. 

The  Emporia State Phi Delta Theta fraternity will become nationally recognized and will be re-founded on April 15 and 16. The fraternity will participate in a two day long ceremony that will include an initiation and installation, according to Jayden Humphrey, junior vocal education major and Phi Delta Theta president. 

Humphrey said that the fraternity was informed that their application had been accepted, that they met all the requirements and would be an official nationally recognized charter on March 11.

“Yeah, the Friday before spring break so it was a pretty good present for going into spring break,” said Humphery. 

In 2016, the fraternity on campus closed due to a lack of members and was reopened in 2019 as an emerging chapter, according to Humphrey.  

To become nationally recognized the fraternity filed an 80 page application and gained 20 new members in the last semester making 29 members in total, according to Daniel Farthing, freshman social science education major and Phi Delta Theta recruitment chairman. 

Farthing said that with COVID-19 declining he has seen more people wanting to become active in the community and expects that their membership numbers will grow, as well. He said that along with growth in membership numbers there will also be growth in the number of members living in the house. 

Currently, there are 11 members living in the house and 13 have declared they will live in the house next semester.

With the re-founding of the fraternity, Humphery said that members have put an emphasis on forming strong personal relationships with one another along with making sure everyone feels heard due to the strained relationships that occurred when the fraternity previously disbanded. 

When asked to describe the fraternity, Farthing said that they were “oddballs” and that they are a “dry house” meaning they do not store any alcohol in the fraternity house and in turn do not drink on the premises. Humphery said that most if not all of the fraternity members never expected to join Greek Life before they did. 

“You can be a part of Greek life and not be a part of the alcohol and the partying,” said Humphery. “There’s so many other aspects to it.”

Humphery also said that while some refer to them on campus as the music fraternity, the organization as a whole is actually referred to as the singing fraternity. This is because of their traditions involving singing including the fact that they sing at every Phi Delta Theta meeting. 

“I think one of the biggest things behind it is that it’s sad to hear all of the negatives that happen in Greek Life but at the same time it’s also kind of motivating, because our goal for being in this specific fraternity is to change that negativity,” said Humphery. “We are supposed to be the ones who are spreading the positive light and showing that fraternities aren’t just always hazing and we’re just trying to do better for the community.”

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