Senator Yakubu reads the bill to recognize The Association of African & Caribbean Students as a recognized student organization (RSO) during the Feb. 23 Associated Student Government (ASG) meeting. The bill passed unanimously.

The Association of African & Caribbean Students was officially recognized as a student organization (RSO) Feb. 23 during the Emporia State Associated Student Government (ASG) meeting.  

The bill to make the association an RSO passed with a 19-0-0 vote. 

Along with The Association of African & Caribbean Students becoming an RSO, two other resolutions also passed during the meeting. 

The first, was “evaluation of Line Item Organization,” a resolution that will allow the ASG Fiscal Affairs Committee to review “all ASG Line Item Organizations to determine efficiencies and student use within the organizations.” 

When asked if this was a yearly occurrence by senator Sophia Dawson, junior business administration major, Hailey Kisner, ASG vice president and senior psychology major, replied that it wasn’t. 

“No, but maybe we should,” Kisner said. “It's something that we haven't done for a long time and since COVID we haven't adjusted our line items, so we're just looking to see-- mainly with the start of that survey, it kind of got us thinking like, no one gives feedback, we never have any like evaluation period, and so that's kind of the purpose of it.”

The resolution passed 17-0-1. 

The last resolution of the evening was to recognize Black History Month. 

“Throughout U.S. History,” the resolution began. “African American peoples have built up the United States, created art, furthered scientific inquiry, stewarded the land, innovated economic paradigms, and modeled political, social, and human equity, all while their sovereignty and human rights were threatened and stripped from them through forced removal and kidnapping from homelands, mass genocide, segregation, and the denial of basic human rights.”

The resolution went on to acknowledge significant contributions Black innovators have made to the United States and ASG’s support of increasing recognition of representation of Black students and history in the month of February. 

The resolution passed 18-0-0.

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