Mass testing

There will be mass COVID-19 testing of students, faculty and staff prior to the start of the semester, according to an email sent August 3 from the university. The testing process is not required and will be done from home, according to an email from President Allison Garrett on August 4.

The university received the funding on July 29 through the federal Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act and the states Strengthening People and Revitalizing Kansas Taskforce.

“We would like the test done before people come to campus, but the tests are not required,” said Gwen Larson, director of marketing and media relations. “It is your choice to opt in.

We are hoping that people will understand the value to the entire community.”

While the testing is not required for everyone, all student athletes will be required to participate in the mass testing, Larson said. According to the email from Garrett, the results will not be shared with the university.

The testing is being done through the Clinical Reference Laboratory, which is located in Lenexa.

“CRL will lead you through the testing process, step-by-step including the development of a personal communication process,” Garrett said in the email. “Your individual results will not be shared with Emporia State University, however, it is important to note that CRL will report information to public health authorities as required by law.”

While results will not be shared, the university does recommend contacting anyone who might be impacted by a positive result.

“What we are asking is that if you get a positive result that you do notify (people),” Larson said. “So for instance, if it's a student and that may keep them from starting their classes face-to-face,

to contact Dr. Gehrke (so you) can arrange to take years to start your classes online. If it's a faculty or staff member, we have to notify your supervisor and determine what to do.”

Any questions about the testing process should be directed to CRL at and any other questions about the mass testing should be sent to

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