After losing to Washburn University last year in the Can the Bods competition, Emporia State set its eyes on redemption. In this year’s competition, ESU raised 50,891 cans to beat Washburn’s 34,214 cans, according to Michael Webb, Associated Student Government president and senior business administration major.

To celebrate winning the title, Webb got to pie Washburn’s student body president.

“It was going to be interesting for whoever received it,” Webb said. “For one, they had crust in the pan, which was unusual and then they poured the whip cream in 25 minutes before in the hot sun so it was all melted. Seeing everyone’s face and hearing everyone cheer and being handed the pie...It just happened so fast.”

Webb said it felt good to win. “Either way, it was for a good cause and if I received a pie in the face, it would’ve been well worth it still,” Webb said.

The promotion events held really helped increase the cans donated, according to Katie Born, junior elementary education major.

“We wanted to make sure that we got the win this year,” Born said. “We just tried really hard to inform the community about it. I think just the different events and the promotion that we had for Can the Bods really put us over the top this year.”

As a leader of the group GIVE, Munashe Mangwendeza, senior accounting major, helped by providing the campus with donation boxes. Mangwendeza also helped collect and count the numbers from these boxes.

“I was really excited and just relieved to be honest, Mangwendeza said. “Last year, we lost. This year we were really focused on coming back and winning. I think the results really show how much effort we put into it."

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