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Faculty Senate held their first meeting for the semester Sept. 3. Points of the discussion were the Labor Day storms, Can the Bods, and staggered enrollment. 

“I’d like to say we’ve had a very smooth first two weeks,” said David Cordle, provost. “That is until the night when half the roof blew off Visser hall. As you may know, it was a mess, and still is to some extent, but our facilities folks were on it very quickly and have at least a temporary patch in place now that is secure, so I guess it could have been a lot worse than it is.” 

The yearly Can the Bods competition was also mentioned, as it will be kicking off soon. 

“It’s our annual food competition with Washburn Rural where we raise perishable and nonperishable food items for Corky’s Cupboard,” said Paul Frost, Associated Student Government president and senior accounting major. “There needs to be more collaboration across departments to help raise our total amount…We will be challenging departments to raise $156 which will count towards the competition.” 

ASG will be distributing jars to collect money on Oct. 4 and the competition between departments will run from Oct. 7-18. 

“The department that raises the most amount of money will be placed on a plaque outside Corky’s Cupboard,” Frost said. 

Gregory Schneider, Faculty Senate president and social sciences professor, mentioned the Kansas Board of Regents may be passing down changes regarding an increase in Open Educational Resources to be made more readily available for students. 

“They’re still meeting this year, so nothing has been distributed yet, but that’s a big thing,” Schneider said. “There’s also the issue of the bachelor degree being redefined. There’s supposed to be a two-year pilot program to see how this would work, which would affect how we accept transfers from community colleges. So, that’s something that may come down the pipeline.” 

The faculty affairs committee reported that they are working on allowing shorter times to be made available for the parking meters around the union for activities. 

“Staggered enrollment this year will start on October sixth for seniors, (the) seventh for juniors and sophomores and the eighth for freshman,” said Shelly Gehrke, assistant provost. “We wanted to start on the weekend since seniors should know what they need to take and it gets them to start thinking about it earlier.” 

Faculty Senate meets the first and third Tuesday of every month from 3:30-5:30 p.m. in the Skyline room of the Memorial Union. 

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