Candidates for the Faculty Senate second vice president spoke about their platforms and how they plan on helping Emporia State at the open forum held last Wednesday .

The candidates running are Sonja Ezell, associate professor of elementary education, early childhood and special education, Shawn Keough, associate professor of management and school of business, and Brenda Koerner, associate professor of biological sciences.

 “The role of (vice) president of the faculty is a really important one,” Koerner said. “I don’t have any policies that I want to pursue, and I don’t think that’s really the role of (vice) president of the faculty. I believe (as a vice president of the faculty) you are an advocate for the faculty. It is the faculty’s responsibility to present any issues that they think needs to be addressed, and it’s the role of (vice) president of the faculty to facilitate that process and create meaningful change at ESU.”

Keough agreed with Koerner, and said the role of the president is to make sure faculty voices are heard. He also discussed his ideas on involvement on campus.

“I read The Bulletin yesterday and was shocked to see only the people attended the ASG Senatorial Debate,” Keough said. “That depresses me. I would want people to be more involved. There’s a direct correlation between (faculty) involvement and the student’s involvement.”

Ezell spoke of her advocacy toward the university and her opinion on the importance for growth and change.

“I think in terms of being adaptive that we allow for and realize that transformation is ongoing, that it’s daily,” Ezell said. “In order for it [change] to take place over time, we need to be willing listen and reach an understanding of other people.”

All three candidates spoke about their top three major issues that would need to be addressed during their presidency.

Koerner’s top issues were funding, support for faculty and support for student opportunities.

Keough’s included funding, online curriculum and general changes to curriculum.

Ezell’s three were fair market-based compensations for faculty and staff, access to needed resources for faculty and staff and supporting initiative to promote ongoing growth for ESU.

Funding and gender-equal pay were also brought up at the forum and were discussed by each candidate, all agreeing that funding for education is vital, and the push for gender-equal pay is on the horizon no matter who gets elected.

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