Brenda Koerner, associate professor of biological sciences, was named the Faculty Senate’s 2nd vice president. Koerner was elected with 74 votes out of 166 total voters, or 44.58 percent, according to Steve Lovett, Faculty Senate president and assistant professor of business administration.

The 2nd vice president serves for a year under the vice president, then they serve as vice president the next year and eventually they will be president of the Faculty Senate.

A number of people approached me, asking me to run,” Koerner said. “I had been notified that I’d been nominated as a candidate and I thought about it pretty seriously for a while. It took me a while to make that decision.” Lovett said Koerner’s term will begin June 1.

“Although all of my service activities have prepared me to serve as president of the faculty, two in particular stand out,” Koerner said. “I have been a voting member of the Graduate Council for seven years, and I have been elected twice as chair of the Council. I am also serving a second term as a Faculty Senator, during which I was selected twice to chair the

Academic Affairs Committee. As AAC chair, I have been integral in the creation of Faculty Senate bills regarding academic dishonesty; academic appeals; program discontinuance; curriculum review; and diversity, equity and inclusion.”

According to Lovett, he’s thankful for all of the 2nd vice president candidates and their dedication.

“I would also like to extend my personal thanks to Dr. Sonja Ezell and Dr. Shawn Keough for their candidacy and willingness to serve as Senate officers,” Lovett said in an email. “Effective leadership occurs through ‘leading by example,’ and both of these individuals have publicly demonstrated their initiative and readiness to take part in the shared governance of ESU.

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