Faculty Senate passed three bills at Tuesday’s meeting which changed the language for different policies.

The Modification of Evaluation Plan for Evaluation of Administrators, Modification to the Distance Education Policy and Modification of Faculty Performance and Recognition all passed during the meeting.

Only one person opposed any of the three bills, which was the bill modifying the distance education policy.

One of the issues Rob Catlett, the Faculty Senate past president, director of the center economic education and associate professor of mathematics and economics, said he hopes that the Modification to the Distance Education Policy bill fixes the consistency for students.

“The other issue is consistency for students,” Catlett said. “If everyone’s using the same platform or system, then students can access it, know how to access it and use it. (They) don’t have to change from class to class.”

Steve Lovett, the Faculty Senate president and assistant professor of business administration, invited Cory Falldine, associate vice president for Information Technology and chief information officer of IT, to speak about a series of IT related bills that were up for first reading.

Sheryl Lidzy, senator and associate professor of communication and theater, spoke about

the bills being introduced. Falldine then added on, and spoke about the changes that are being made to information security, starting with a work group made up of different faculty.

“When we went to Faculty Senate executive (committee) early on in the semester,” Falldine said. “We were given a handful of names of faculty members and some faculty senators. We actually have four faculty members as a part of our information security policy review work group.”

Shelly Gehrke, assistant provost, also spoke towards the end of the meeting about encouraging faculty to do more student outreach to encourage enrollment at Emporia State for the next school year.

“Outreach is crucial,” Gehrke said. “We’re very, very competitive for a very smaller amount of students nationwide, even in the state of Kansas, and we need to have all hands on deck to help us (with recruitment).”

The next Faculty Senate meeting will be held at 3:30 p.m. on Tuesday, April 2 in Skyline.

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