Cass Coughlin, director of residential life stands in front of a Morse renovation sign to explain the project to community members on Aug. 28. Northeast Morse is in the process of complete demolition while the original Morse hall prepares for complete renovation. It is currently unknown what will happen with Central Morse, according to Coughlin.

This fall semester, Emporia State students are greeted with renovations all around campus. The biggest of them being the Morse project.

“The plan to save Abigail was one that made financial sense,” said Cass Coughlin, director of residential life. “That particular building had the least maintenance needed, and as the first campus residents hall, (it’s) part of the history.”

The housing master plan, which started in the fall of 2016, includes the renovations and additions in Morse hall. The campus master plan includes improvements to Visser hall, Roosevelt hall and the Memorial Union.

The construction of Morse hall has been a topic of conversation since 2010. Morse has been part of the campus for over a century. It was originally the women’s dormitory for the Normal School named after Abigail Morse, a teacher and the dean of women.

The present contract sum for the Morse hall project is over $8.5 million, which will cover demolition, renovation and two new landscape additions to the north, according to Coughlin.

“There are also other projects such as Visser hall and the new Starbucks. The Starbucks is said to honor gift cards.

Paula Galvez, sophomore physics and math major, said she’s looking forward most to the new Starbucks.

“New Starbucks sounds very interesting,” Galvez said. “It will have a whole Starbucks menu and it will also have more hours and options to buy from also attract students to spend time at MU, I cannot wait to see that.”

The projects in both Visser and Roosevelt are to allow more entrances, labs and rooms. This is all set in motion to make the campus more accessible and modern.

“Both projects are similar to other projects across campus in the past few years to increase collaboration and study spaces for students within the individual academic buildings,” said Gwen Larson, assistant director of marketing and media relations.

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