Tea w/ TC

Emporia State education majors attend the first ever "Tea with the Teachers College" on Oct. 17 in the towers conference room. This event was put on to help students get to know different professors from the Teachers College and ask them and current education students questions.  

Three education floors from the freshmen dorms went to an event called “Tea with the Teacher’s College.” It was put on for the first time this year, but the department hopes to continue for the next few years, according to Cheyanne Yette, junior elementary education major.

The event was introduced and organized by three Resident Assistants in the freshman dorms.

“Since there are three education floors, we put this on so it was easy to get teachers here that could speak to a wider group of students in a smaller setting,” Yette said. “Students can feel free to ask any questions without feeling dumb.”

The event had members of the Teacher’s College ranging from elementary to secondary education. It was an open discussion where students could feel free to ask any and all questions they had about their future careers and what they’ll experience through the college.

“(I want to be a teacher) because my mom and grandmother were teachers and I really love working with kids,” said Ellie Anderson, freshman elementary education major. “(These events) can get people’s questions answered and if they’re on the fence about teaching, they can get an answer.”

There were cookies, candy and tea the students attending were welcome to enjoy throughout the discussion. Many handouts, including a generalized schedule of how one’s college career should look were explained by members of the teacher’s college.

“I think (these events) help with awareness,” said Amanda Lickteig, director of secondary education. “I think there are a lot of questions that people are intimidated to ask in a larger setting.”

The overall theme of the evening, besides informing undergraduate students of a more specific timeline, was that the Teacher’s College is there to be supportive and help students succeed in their passions of becoming teachers.

“I don’t remember a time I didn’t want to be a teacher,” Lickteig said. “There was just an element of wanting to work with people and help people.”

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