The Fiscal Affairs Committee will have two weeks to discuss the expense reports and increase requests of line item organizations. All line items were supposed to turn in their reports to the committee by last Friday. 

After their discussions, they will reach out to line item organizations to set up a meeting time for their presentations. Before they make any decisions ,they reached out to organizations and asked for more in depth explanations if they found anything unnecessary or incorrect. 

“We’ll just need to work with them and see what that means theoretically,” said Martina Miller, sophomore business administration major. 

Each group needs to have a reserve fund allocated in case of an emergency, said Erin Zimmerman, committee chair. 

The first appendix discussed was ASG’s, which requested the same amount as last year. $27,000 is allocated annually for student salary, which includes everyone on cabinet and chairs. Together $16,800 of this goes to President and VP of student council, Paul Frost, senior management major, and Victoria Goetzinger, senior sociology major. 

“That’s like a part time job, that’s pretty much what you make,” Miller said. “It’s like an hourly wage.” 

Because of the growth of the marching band student fees will continue to increase. The dollar amount of the stipend is not changing but they discussed there being a cap on the stipends for the band not only to save money but to keep the program more competitive. 

That’s a hell of a proposed increase… from $10-$15,” said Jacob Gerber, senior political science major. 

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ASG will gladly give their own organization funds but will slice the band at the same time. It's ridiculous. Who serves the students more? The band provides a service. Year after year, ASG ignores their constituents and votes for cuts for these important programs.

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