Fiscal Affairs Committee meeting

The Fiscal Affairs Committee discusses the success of homecoming t-shirt sales. The committee met on Sept. 29 in the Memorial Union to discuss funding for organizations.  

The Fiscal Affairs Committee met on Sunday to finish discussing the financial plans of Emporia States line item organizations.  

The homecoming t-shirt sales were successful, according to Chris Anderson, junior accounting major. With a goal of selling at least 100 short sleeved and long sleeved shirts, they ended up selling a total of 273 shirts, bringing in $1,700.  

Unions Activity Council was one of the LIOs discussed. Twenty thousand dollars was requested for speakers, while $3,000 was requested for publicity.  

“They’re not doing a very good job of publicity, because can you name a UAC event?” said Jacob Gerber, senior political science major. “But how many (UAC) water bottles do you have?”  

The Visual Arts Board was also discussed. There were questions on the speakers, the student salary and the overall purpose of the club. The committee organized questions and thoughts in preparation for the Visual Arts Board presentation. 

The final line item discussed was Community Hornets, who is in charge of the ESU Serves program. They organize volunteering every Tuesday. 

Questions were asked about who they pay if it’s just community service, and who the student salaries go to. A conflict brought up by Martina Miller, sophomore business administration major, was the committee didn’t want to discourage fundraising, but it does cost money every time they do.  

The fiscal affairs committee meeting ended with reviewing the questions for each line item and how they planned to organize those questions. Their next meeting will be at 6 p.m. Oct. 6 in the Great Plains room of the Memorial Union. 


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