The Associated Student Government Fiscal Affairs Committee denied funding increases for both the Athletic Band and The Bulletin. Athletic Bands was asking for an increase to provide their students with scholarships and The Bulletin was asking for an increase to reinstate student jobs that were cut after ASG reduced Bulletin funds last year.

Athletic Bands and The Bulletin will not be able to ask for a revenue increase until fall of next year, according to Malcolm Dade, senior accounting major.

With one person absent from the meeting, the vote for Athletic Bands was zero in favor and three against. This is because the scholarships don’t benefit the majority of the student body, according to Paul Frost, junior accounting major.

“In their presentation, they were talking that their money goes directly to scholarships and it’s only scholarships,” Frost said. “Line item organizations are supposed to be for the betterment of the majority of the student body. If there’s only scholarships and it’s only going to 125 students, then (that’s) .014 percent of the student body, roughly.”

William Woodworth, associate professor of music, met with the committee on Oct. 16 to present his rational. Woodworth said the Athletic Bands, which includes the Stingers dance team, the Hornet Revue, the Marching Hornets and the winter guard, has grown steadily since he came to ESU four years ago.

Woodworth was petitioning for more funding to give scholarships to all of the students involved in Athletics Bands, like they had previous years.

He said they needed the increase in funding because of the increase in students. Daniel Agbaji, committee chair and graduate student, said that there’s no room to keep asking for more funds.

“If you keep trying to give and give and give and asking all the time (for an increase), you might not be able to meet up with whatever target you have,” Agbaji said. “We’re going to tell them to just try to lower down the numbers of people that get a scholarship every year.”

The Bulletin’s final vote was zero in favor and four against. According to Frost, The Bulletin isn’t making necessary strides to cut their budget to offset last years $10,000 cut.

“I think that there could be some preventative measures that The Bulletin can take regarding their budget issues,” Frost said. “The first one being printing less papers...and then (reducing distribution). Maybe they could just do like a couple locations in the union and then they could do an online version.”

Madison Orrange, junior accounting major, said she agreed with Frost and believes that The Bulletin could be doing more to save money.

“The only main cost cutting methods that they stated were that they cut six student positions and the Spanish program, but they had so many other expenses that they could’ve started cutting because they’ve known since last semester that they were going to be getting less money this year,” Orrange said. “They just really basically kept the same so they could just show that they had negative (numbers).”

Representatives from The Bulletin met with the committee Oct. 23. They said The Bulletin cut the Spanish translation program, ad representatives, two editor positions and four staff positions.

They also cut printing to 11 times a semester, instead of weekly like past years.

According to Agbaji, the one absentee, Cassidy Thweatt, sophomore nursing and psychology major, hasn’t been consistently showing up to meetings. Agbaji discussed removing her from the committee.

“We need to talk about her position,” Daniel said. “(The other issue) was when she wasn’t able to turn in the bill.”

It was also announced that Agbaji would be stepping down from chair and  Dade would be replacing him. Agbaji said this is because of his busy schedule.

“Starting next week, I’m going to be stepping down as the chair of the committee,” Agbaji said. “Malcolm is going to be taking over. This is actually for the good of the committee.”

The next fiscal affairs meeting will be at 8 p.m. next Tuesday in the Great Plains Room of the Memorial Union.

Correction: A previous version of this story incorrectly cited Paul Frost as the person who said "Athletic Bands and The Bulletin will not be able to ask for a revenue increase until fall of next year," when it was Malcom Dade. Additionally, due to a copy editing error, Frost was cited as saying "25 students," instead of 125 students. These corrections are reflected in this story. 

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