ASG Fiscal affairs met to discuss the upcoming deadline for RSOs in good standing to request allocations for the upcoming semester.

“They can only use the allocations for what is on the form. They can’t use it for anything else,” said Malcom Dade, Fiscal Affairs chair and senior accounting major.

They also readdressed the request to reimburse Phi Sigma Kappa for a recent national trip and begun the of that bill.

“The RSO hearings will be completed the week of February 25. The best way I know of scheduling them is to do a poll,” Dade said.

The committee decided to go with the same technique as last year where they sent around a google spread sheet to find out the times that everyone was available.

“Last year, we did a google spread sheet and we sent it out and they each put in the time they wanted,” Schmitz said. “We did a full week last year, starting from five on.”

Two members of the Fiscal Affairs committee, Dylan Brown, senior business administration major, and Danial Agbaji, graduate student of Library Information Management and Instructional Design, are in charge of RSOs that will be presenting to ASG but will not be allowed to present to either the Fiscal Affairs committee or in the ASG senate meeting according to Schmitz

“I would have a backup, somebody else, an officer of that organization fill in,” Dade said. “We’ll have to adjust accordingly.”

The Fiscal Affairs committee has had five members attending their meetings the past two weeks and needs all members present to properly vote.

“I would like to have as many people possible present to hear out the allocation,” Dade said. “That is one of our main responsibilities as the Fiscal Affairs committee: to allocate the right funds to different organizations.”

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