Associated Student Government’s Fiscal Affairs Committee met Monday and approved $600 for Phi Sigma Kappa’s past trip and discussed upcoming allocation deadlines for Registered Student Organizations.

Phi Sigma Kappa took a trip in January to St. Louis for a meeting that cost $600.

Fiscal Affairs voted to allocate the money, with a favorable vote for 4 affirmative and zero against.

Before Phi Sigma Kappa will receive their funds, it must be voted for favorably by the entire senate during the next ASG meeting.

Morgan Miner, Phi Sigma Kappa president and junior psychology major, also asked for allocations so he could go on another trip in July.

“I went to the national trip,” Miner said. “It was the president’s academy where we were focusing on a lot of leadership. I had a 14-hour meeting day, so that was fun.

We do this bi-annually. Usually, they send a lot more delegates. This year, they are only asking for presidents.”

However, this trip falls after the fiscal year’s cutoff of June 30, so it’s something that they can’t vote on right now, according to Madison Schmitz, junior business administration major.

The committee also discussed the upcoming deadline for all RSOs to request allocations.

“The application for the allocations is coming to an end next week actually,” said Malcolm Dade, Fiscal Affairs chair and senior accounting major. “I have roughly about 30 applications so far. I believe that number should be in the 70 range.”

Dade and Schmitz will sit down after the deadline to set a cap for the RSOs with help from the rest of the RSOs and then each will have to have a meeting before going in front of the ASG senate.

Each organization will get a maximum time of 15 minutes to present for their allocation. The presentation dates will be from Feb. 25 through March 8 with the senate meeting on March 21.

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