A "microbial growth" was found on the fourth floor of Trusler Hall on Oct. 11 by a Residential Life staffer. Hired by the college, Stover's Restoration came in the same day to assess the growth and begin treatment. They will be back in later this week to clean the entire floor. 

A “microbial growth” was found on the fourth floor of Trusler Hall over fall break. Stover’s Restoration will be on campus this week to treat the growth and prevent spread.

It was first noticed by a Residential Life staff member on Friday. Currently, no one lives on the floor.

Residents of Singular and Trusler Halls were sent an email earlier today by Cass Coughlin, director of Residential Life, notifying them of the situation. In the email, Coughlin assures students that the growth is not black or orange mold.

“Stover's initial assessment of the microbial growth proposes it is very common to Kansas and is something we encounter every day in outside air,” Coughlin said in the email.

Coughlin also listed the steps that Stover’s Restoration has taken so far to prevent spread.

“Stover's installed four dehumidifiers with air scrubbers to begin treatment, to keep the growth localized, and to prevent spread,” Coughlin said in the email. “The machines were installed on 4th Trusler (for treatment) and 3rd Trusler (for prevention).”

Sometime this week, Stover’s will have a specialist come in to identify the growth and determine a possible cause, according to Coughlin. The mitigation team from Stover’s will also be on campus this week to finish cleaning the floor.

Students living in Singular and Trusler Halls are urged to contact Residential Life if they have any concerns for their rooms—like strange smells, moisture, or another possible microbial growth. Students can reach Residential Life at (620) 342-5264, or at

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