Katie Born, G.I.V.E. leader and junior elementary education major talks about the groups goals during the first meeting of the Spring semester. While G.I.V.E. is geared towards international students, it is open to any students wanting to join.

Getting Involved with Volunteering in Emporia has been providing students with volunteer opportunities for nearly 10 years, according the Blythe Eddy, director of student activities and community service.

“(10 years ago, Jasmine Green) saw a need, she had a lot of international student friends and saw that there was a need for them to learn more about their community and be involved,” Eddy said. “She thought community service was an awesome way to get involved.”

Katie Born, G.I.V.E. leader and junior elementary education major, said she enjoys being a part of G.I.V.E. because of everyone she gets to interact with.

“I really just love building the relationships with different people,” Born said. “There’s people from all over the world in G.I.V.E. (I love) just learning about their culture and being able to participate in volunteer activities (with them), which really helps you to get to know them and have really great experiences.”

Similarly to Born, Shelby Perez, graduate student, said she loves getting to know everyone that’s involved.

“I love Share Your Country Day,” Perez said. “It’s where students share about their home country. Some students are from here so they share about the city they are from. It’s just really nice to get to know more about them. They tell us more directly about their customs.”

As the sponsor for nearly 10 years, Eddy said she has many wonderful memories, but her favorite is getting to work with Holiday Resort, a local nursing home, 2700 W 30th Ave.

“I think one of the best experiences for the students is when they make Valentines,” Eddy said. “We’ll be making Valentine’s Day cards for the residents of Holiday Resort and to be able to take them (there) and hear their comments when we leave about what an impact that was on them, there’s been some that go back and volunteer more.”

While G.I.V.E. is geared towards international students, Born said that anyone can join in on the upcoming volunteer opportunities.

“I’m really excited for this semester, we have a lot of really great volunteer opportunities lined up,” Born said. “(And) any student (can join). We tailor it to international students who have service requirements, but it’s open to everyone on campus.”

G.I.V.E. meets at 4 p.m. every Monday and Wednesday in the Center for Student Involvement.

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