George A.

Dr. George Arasimowicz is currently the dean of the College of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences at Central State University in Wilberforce, Ohio. He has been chosen to serve as the next Provost and Vice president for Academic Affairs at ESU.

Ahead of the second faculty senate meeting of April, ESU president Allison Garrett announced the college’s decision to hire George Arasimowicz as the next provost and vice president for academic affairs.

“As both an immigrant and first-generation college student as well as his experience at Central State University (an HBCU), Dr. Arasimowicz strongly demonstrates Emporia State’s commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion,” Garrett wrote in the announcement. “His interest in our students was evident and demonstrated during his desire to stop and talk with every student he encountered while walking on campus.”

The 15-member search committee reviewed dozens of applicants and narrowed the search down to four finalists which were given equal opportunities to come to campus and speak with members of the campus community. Feedback from public surveys was also considered.

“There’s always change happening in higher education, always,” said David Cordle, Provost. “You can certainly say the pace of that change has picked up in recent years and will probably continue to accelerate. As far as this transition into new leadership is concerned its more of a matter that I have been in this role for eight years now and that makes it a good time for somebody else to come in with fresh ideas, new ideas. This kind of transition from time to time is a good thing.”

During his presentation on campus Arasimowicz focused on the role that state colleges like ESU should play in their communities.

“The university’s prowess as an incubator of ideas, learning, technology, and adaptation will result in tangible improvement of circumstances and quality of life for (our) residents,” Arasimowicz said.

He will join the campus this summer.

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