The Honors College and the McNair Scholars attend a leadership workshop with Kay Monk-Morgan, the Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs at Wichita State and a member of the Kansas Leadership Center.

“In colleges and universities, we talk about the fact that we want to graduate folks who can get jobs.” Morgan said. “We want you to go out and have awesome careers doing phenomenal things, we want you to learn lots of things.”

The students participated in a two-hour workshop to learn about leadership, how to handle situations and how to look at other people’s viewpoints.

“When we think about the narratives that take place in our lives, really it’s all about perception and which corner we’re standing on because whatever we see from that corner tells us what happened in the accident,” Morgan said.

Shanna Eggers, Director of TRIO McNair discusses with a small group the view point of someone that has had a sexual assault victim confide in them and what they would do in that situation. The students discussed if they would report the situation to an adult or someone that could help or if they would keep the situation private. Morgan talked about leading and the importance of leading within the outside world and what leadership really is.

“If you’re leading and no one is following you, guess what? You’re not the leader. Business and industry tell us the number one impact on their business growth and decline is leadership,” Morgan said.

The students learned about what a leader is and how they should lead others.

“The leadership progression that I’m witnessing come through is I’m in the front, follow me,” Morgan said “The evolution of that is I have a great idea, can you help me implement it?”

William Kalivoda, general biology major, freshman and honor college student comments on if a situation is an adaptive or a technical challenge. The situation at hand is are university faculties as student focused as they could be.

“I’d say adaptive,” said Kalivoda. “Well you have to include both administrators in question and the feedback from the students and getting both. Then you’ll have to take in the effects on different students and what they’re doing because they’re not going for every single one."

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