Jason Huebner, director of the Christian Challenge program, and Carlye Lester, URGE volunteer and senior psychology major, discuss their disagreeing opinions about abortion today in the union square. The tabling was set up to have students sign the EACH Women Act that petitions the Hyde amendment and open conversation about the issue.

Today until 3 p.m. Unite for Reproductive and Gender Equity (URGE) will be located in Union Square so students can sign a petition to end the Hyde Amendment, which prevents the use of federal fund on abortions.

"One in three people will have abortion so its very relevant in our society," said Ana Perez-Lebrun, URGE chapter liaison and sophomore in molecular biology.

The goal is to get 150 student signatures and is part of a two day drive that began Tuesday in Wichita, according to Lain Littlejohn, Kansas state organizer for URGE.

"It's really important because we want students to come out here today because we want them to know that there's a group of student who support their choice, whatever they choose," Littlejohn said. "We just think abortion should be accessible to everyone which is why we're collecting signatures that support the EACH Women Act is proactive legislation to stop the Hyde amendment."

According to Littlejohn, the Hyde amendment disproportionately affects the poor, women of color and indigenous peoples.

"Its important to just create a conversation about this because so many people are scared to talk about it," said Abigaile Weiser, copresident of URGE and sophomore sociology major.

To sign the petition, students can text "EACH" to 52886 where they will receive a link.

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