James Sottile, candidate for the position of dean of the teachers college, talks to students, faculty and administrators during the open forum about his plans for Emporia State on Monday. Sottile currently works at Missouri State.

Emporia State continued its search for a new Teacher’s College dean on Monday with an open forum with candidate James Sottile.

“People are valuing secondary education less and less. We need to remarket this," Sottile said. "The only vehicle I know that creates change is education.”

Sottile would be coming from Missouri State where he works in special ed classes, but first he will have to be chosen and approved by not just the search committee, but also the faculty and students as well.

There were surveys handed out at the meeting and according to Ed Bashaw, dean for the school of business and head of the search committee, they want to know how the people there feel about Sottile.

The open forum began with Sottile introducing himself and his ideas to the full audience. One thing he spoke about was what he could bring to different goals of the Teacher’s College.

For goal one, the strengths Sottile listed on his PowerPoint were faculty engagement, shared governance, consistent and fair, building professional relationships and making the job easier for faculty and staff.

Other strengths he listed on his PowerPoint were things like student’s recruitment, using data to influence decisions, program creating, positioning and marketing, and securing funding for innovations.

Soittle spoke about his past experience with online courses as well and how he has helped them gain members in the past.

“We did a whole big study at Marshall University. The majority of students that were in-state students were taking online courses, so that defeated the purpose,” Sottile said. “We did it through our partnerships, so when we established a partnership in Kansas City and St. Louis that were hospital-based in nature, they were a huge marketing tool for us.”

After his introduction, he opened himself for questions from the room.

“Part of what has happened in the past is the early childhood unified master’s program faculty there has been a liaison over there. We’ve gone over and helped out. There have been a lot of transitions over the last year,” said Jennie Long, assistant professor of elementary, special and early education. “What would your vision for an on-campus childcare center be?”

“In general, what I view is a resource for the faculty and staff, as well as a resource for the students so they can learn from professional staff and faculty,” Sottile said

A copy of the evaluation form for Dr. James Sottile can be found on The Teacher’s College webpage.

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