Kevin Rabas, chair of in English, modern languages and journalism, reads his poem “Kansas, Awakening,” during the Kansas Author Showcase Saturday in Ellen Plumb City Bookstore. The showcase featured other Kansas authors in honor of Kansas Day.

The Kansas Author Showcase, held at Ellen Plumb’s City Bookstore, featured three local publishers and the Kansas Poet Laureate, Kevin Rabas.

“Every year we reach out to several authors,” said Jordan Simoncic, store manager. “This year, we want publishers to get lots of authors here. Our goal is to showcase authors, and this is a great way to do it.” 

This was the third annual Kansas author showcase and featured Kellogg Press, Slothhead Press and Meadowlark Books and took place Feb. 2.

It is held every year in honor of Kansas Day, according to Marcia Lawrence, the owner of the         bookstore

“It’s important to celebrate the burgeoning and growing literary community in Emporia,” Lawrence said “All three of the publishers and several of their authors are here today, and we’ve got reading all day long. ”

One of the publishers featured, Slothhead Press, is a children books’ publisher. 

“You have a really good opportunity to help change people’s perception of each other when you are writing for kids because they’re still forming opinions and learning who they are, what they stand for,” said Katelyn Dorrell, publisher of Slothhead Press. “I really appreciate that Marcia put this event on in the Ellen Plumb’s City Bookstore.”

Dorrell is also an alumna of ESU. 

“This event is always fun,” said Tracy Simmons, Meadowlark Books publisher. “You got to talk to people who are readers, what people look at and talk about your book. It’s also fun to visit the other authors and publishers, get to know more about what they are doing.”

Meadowlark Books was established in 2014 and they have published 18 books so far. They publish books set up in Kansas, Kansas authors or Midwest.  

“(It’s a) good social occasion, and of course I’d like to support Ellen Plumb because she’s such a great supporter of original writers and readers in general,” Simmons said. 

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