TOPEKA, Kan.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Apr 8, 2019--The Kansas State Board of Nursing's "Kansas Nursing" site was recently recognized as a Horizon Interactive Award “Bronze” winner in the category of government agency websites. The Horizon Interactive Awards are an international competition recognizing excellence in interactive media production.

The “Kansas Nursing” site was launched on Sep. 10, 2018, as a collaboration between the Kansas State Board of Nursing (KSBN), the Information Network of Kansas (INK), and the Kansas Information Consortium, LLC (KIC). The site was created as part of a multimedia campaign to drive awareness of “Kansas Nursing,” KSBN’s first-in-class Alexa skill for Kansas Nursing License Verification.

KSBN are thrilled to be recognized as a Horizon Interactive Award winner amongst government website. The integrated media campaign for the “Kansas Nursing” skill has provided KSBN with an invaluable springboard to help us launch our license verification skill. KSBN’s public awareness campaign to help educate both constituents and other nursing boards on the solution benefits greatly from the interactive site and media created by KIC.

Carol Moreland, MSN, RN 

Executive Administrator, KSBN

By invoking the “Kansas Nursing” skill, users can access KSBN’s License Verification database via their Amazon Dot, Echo, or Show device. The Kansas Nursing skill allows users to quickly and easily look up a license, verify the status of an existing license, or find answers to frequently asked questions.

The development and maintenance of the KSBN “Kansas Nursing” skill and website, digital advertising, and marketing materials are performed by KIC as a service of the Information Network of Kansas, Inc. (INK). Under INK’s and KIC’s public-private partnership, eGovernment services are delivered through a self-funded model, which does not utilize taxpayer funds.

The Information Network of Kansas, Inc., (INK) is responsible for the oversight of the development of the official website for the state of Kansas, The portal operates through a public-private relationship between INK and the Kansas Information Consortium, LLC, to help Kansas government entities Web-enable their information services. The Kansas Information Consortium builds, operates, maintains and markets and is part of NIC’s (Nasdaq: EGOV) family of companies.


NIC Inc. (Nasdaq: EGOV) launched the digital government industry in 1992, and continues to lead it, providing a secure payment engine and thousands of digital government solutions across a network of more than 6,000 federal, state, and local government agencies. In addition, NIC is the nation’s leading provider of outdoor recreation solutions, with 1 out of 6 hunting and fishing licenses in the United States sold using an NIC service. The Company launched the nation’s first personal assistant for government and comprehensive mobile platform, Gov2Go®, as well as the innovative, data-driven prescription drug monitoring platform, RxGov®. More information is available at

About Kansas State Board of Nursing

The Kansas State Board of Nursing is empowered by statute to oversee the licensing and education of nurses within the State of Kansas. The Board also prescribes curricula and standards for professional and practical nursing programs. The 11-member Board is comprised of registered professional nurses, advance practice registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, and members of the general public who represent both the healthcare industry and health care consumers.

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