Members of the Emporia State Honors College met to discuss ways to help engage and make progress in communities, last Tuesday. The meeting was ran by Julia Fabris McBride, vice president of the Kansas Leadership Center. 

“When thinking about a project, your first question should be, 'Who do I care about?'” Mcbride said. “I care about having great public education available for everyone in Kansas.”

McBride has traveled the world teaching and sharing KLC ideas, with the main principle that leadership is an activity that anyone can participate in.

Salman “Soul”  Badawy, junior computer science major, said his focus is to correct misconceptions about his homeland, Egypt.

“There is not a specific group, I am trying to correct, maybe the people that I am surrounded with," Badawy said.  "I try to be the best version of myself to give a positive example of Egypt.”

McBride drew a web for the students with the community in the center and branches coming off, with ideas of how to help your specific                       community.

Each student then made their own web for a plan of how to engage and improve their cause in a community.

“I would like to improve health literacy,” said Kathryn Keinholz, sophomore health human preformance and Spanish major. “It is important for people to understand health information so people can make the right health decisions.”

The KLC is a non-profit organization committed to fostering leadership for for stronger, healthier and more prosperous Kansas communities, according to their website,

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