The final Associated Student Government meeting for the 2022-2023 school year passed two resolutions which showed a statement of support for shooting victims and immigrants. ASG also recognized senior senators, gave out “most likely to” awards and passed a name change for two Recognized Student Organizations (RSOs). 

Senate resolution 23016 was brought forward by junior health and human performance major Makayla Hallacy with the intention to support victims of gun violence. 

“I think we can all agree that gun violence has kind of always overshadowed our educational environments,” Hallacy said. “And I know for me personally,  I can tell you exactly where I was sitting when Sandy Hook happened.”

The resolution stated that students of our generation have never known of an educational environment without the fear of becoming a victim of gun violence. This resolution passed 6:0:0. 

A second resolution “recognizing and supporting immigrant heritage month at Emporia State University” was also passed favorably. SR23017 was brought forward by sophomore crime and delinquency studies major Camila Viorel. 

Viorel explained that June is usually national immigrant heritage month, but because Emporia State’s campus will not be holding classes during that time, she wanted to include it now. The resolution  passed 6:0:0. 

Two bills were passed which changed the names of two RSOs. SB23031 changed the name of ESU’s Esports to ESU Gaming and SB23032 changed the criminal justice organization to criminology club. 

ASG vice president Hailey Kisner also handed out different awards to senators during the meeting, including titles like “most likely to win a lottery ticket and lose it” and 

“best person to be stranded on an island with.” 

After these awards, all senior senators were recognized with an official ASG cord to wear with their graduation cap and gown and shared their plans for life after ESU. Some will be furthering their education at other schools. 

“I'll be hanging around here for a year and then I'll go to law school,” said senior history and education major and ASG president Bella Price. 

Other students will be leaving the country entirely. 

“In August I'll be going to China to study at Tsinghua University for a year and get my masters in global affairs,” said senior political science major Abe Lemus.

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