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Of the 36 individuals charged, 35 were minors and 20 were identified as Emporia State students. Of those 20 ESU students, nine are student-athletes.

No convictions were made in the case relating to a house party in late September that resulted in 36 individuals facing charges of underage drinking. Of those charged, 20 are Emporia State students and nine of whom are student-athletes.

The hearings that took place Nov. 19 remained closed to the public and press, both in person and virtually. Judge Ted Hollembeak closed the court citing the limited space and wanting to reduce the number of courtroom observers amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

Two cases, including one student, will be prosecuted. The Bulletin was not allowed to observe making it unclear whether these defendants rejected the opportunity for diversion or were not granted the chance to apply.

Of the 36 people charged with underage drinking as of Nov. 20, 15 were approved for diversion, according to one of the Municipal court clerks who compiled the results for The Bulletin, since the public was not allowed to attend the hearing. Six of these were Emporia State students and four were ESU student athletes.

Fourteen people are waiting to hear if their requests for diversion are approved, four of which are students and three of which are athletes.

One student athlete who applied for diversion failed to meet the requirements.

Three defendants, including one student, failed to appear in court, two, neither students, had their cases dismissed without prejudice.

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