Sept. 4 

Officer responded to a fire alarm call in Singular Trusler Zone 215. No problem was found. 

Cram Science Hall fire zone 151. Officer reset faulty alarm. 

Singular Trusler zone 1 and 215 fourth floor North stairway pull station and fourth floor duct detector. Unknown mechanical error and technician looking into it. 

Diana Kuhlman reported a parking problem at Gold Lot 9 Gold parking #7. Parking enforcement issued a citation. 

Officer assisted Emporia Police Dept. with an attempt to locate suspect at 1100 East St. Reference a foot chase by the PD. 

Sept. 5 

Female subject requested to speak to an officer in regards to giving the football team cookies after the game. Officer directed subject on what to do. 

Residental Assistant Drew Losey reported a suspicious odor coming from the 6 th floor of South Towers. Officer was unable to find the cause of the odor. 

Officers engaged in a community contact with subjects at the Tailgating areas. 

Officers checked welfare on a male subject who hit his head right outside of the ticket booth on the West side of Welch Stadium. He advised that he was going to Newman Regional Hospital to get checked out. 

Trusler Residential Complex fire alarms went off. Mechanical error. 

Officer completed deposits for Business Office and Parking Dept. 

Sept. 6 

Female student requested to speak with an officer at headquarters. 

Officer helped direct traffic for the football game. 

Officer completed deposit for the Foundation. 

Male student requested to speak with an officer by Plumb Hall. 

Officer completed deposits for the Memorial Union and Sodexo. 

Sept. 7 

Officers caught and released a bat from Plumb Hall. 

Parents requested welfare check for Aaron Kubacka at Schallenkamp East 307. 

Officer admitted student, Debra Fiegembaum, into King Hall room 8. 

Officer provided jump start assistance for KS 683MAU in Sector 7. 

Sept. 8 

Officer assisted KS 343EIL with changing a flat tire at 1829 Merchant St. 

Officer checked the Trusler Sports Complex. 

Officer checked the Earl Center. 

Sept. 9 

Officer checked Trusler Sport Complex. 

Officer provided lock out assistance for KS 032BWG at King Hall. 

Officer engaged in community contact with subject outside of Towers. 

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