Jan. 30

Officers responded to a fire alarm in Plumb Hall, Zone zero. Chance Miller and ACS were notified of the problem.

Officer responded to a vehicle accident in Sector 7 between OK IYC254 and KS 398EII. Owners exchanged insurance.

Jan. 31

Elevator in Visser Hall is not working and need attention.

Officer assisted Lyon Co. deputy with a car stop at 13th and Center.

Officer stopped KS 186KHP at 18th and Merchant. Citation for no driver’s license and defective tail light.

Resident Assistant at Northeast Morse Hall reported a suspicious smell of smoke from Room 13. Officer was unable to detect odor.

Feb. 1

Officer provided lock out assistance for a vehicle in 700 Graphic Arts as requested by Emporia Police Dept.

Student requested to speak with an Officer at 1701 Wooster Dr. Officer took report of an incident that happened at the Villas Apt. Complex.

Feb. 2

Officer responded to a report of a broken cabinet in Plumb Hall Room 411-J. Officer put up caution sign due to broken glass.

Officers assisted Emporia Police Dept. for a noise complaint call at 1519 Merchant. Officers contacted subjects and advised to keep noise down.

Feb. 3

Officer assisted Emporia Police Dept. with suspicious subject in 1800 North Hwy 99.

Feb. 4

Roman Peterson requested to speak with an officer at Central Morse Hall in reference to a past altercation.

Officer assisted Emporia Police Dept. with a keep the peace call at 736 E 12th Apt 311.

Officer stopped KS 163HNH in 1100 Cottonwood. Verbal warning for failure to use turn signal and improper seatbelt usage.

Feb. 5

Officers checked the welfare of a student in Morse Hall Complex.

Officer stopped KS 305KJH at12 th and Congress. Verbal warning for failure to yield to a pedestrian.

Officer provided lock out assistance for KS 910LLE at Sector 4.

Officer stopped KS 637JBH at 12 th and Merchant-CVS. Verbal warning for driving without head lights at 15th and Merchant.

Officer checked Trusler Sports Complex. Secured the south yellow gate.

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