Jan. 23

Officer assisted Emporia Police Dept. with a residential alarm at 1104 Burns.

Officer checked the Trusler Sports Complex. East complex gate secured.

Officer stopped KS 576EDF in Sector 5. Verbal warning for a one way violation in same location.

Jan. 24

Ambulance responded to Trusler Hall Room 111 for an allergic reaction. Subject was transported by ambulance to Newman Regional Health.

Officer checked Trusler Sports Complex. Officer was unable to lock the South yellow gate, padlock broken.

Officer assisted Lyon Co. Sheriff’s deputy with a car stop at 12th and Merchant.

Jan. 25

Officer stopped KS 633HPU at 12th and Cottonwood. Verbal warning for texting and driving.

Officer provided jump start assistance for KS 383JPL in Sector 9.

Officer stopped KS 802BJP at 10th and Merchant. Citation for expired registration.

Student requested to speak with an officer in the Coordinators Office in Twin Towers Complex.

Jan. 26

Officer checked the welfare of IN 742347 Trailer tag at the off-ramp of I-35 and Merchant.

Officer assisted Emporia Police Dept. with a house search at 709 Sylvan.

Officer stopped a vehicle in 1100 Market. Vehicle was parked and plate removed until owner obtains current    registration.

Officer assisted Emporia Police Dept. with a call at 10th and Cottonwood.

Officer responded to a report of a suspicious person in the men’s restroom in WAW Library. Aerow White was advised to leave the building.

Officers assisted Emporia Police Dept. with a shots fired call at 1201 Triplet Dr.

Jan. 27

Officer engaged in a community contact with a male subject in 1600 Morse Dr.

Officer contacted subjects on the ice at Wooster Lake and advised of campus safety policy.

Officer stopped KS 176KZM at 1100 Market for a one way violation. Probable cause search. OJoshua Lawrence was taken into custody and transported to Lyon Co. jail.

Jan. 28

A female student requested to speak with an officer at ESU PD HQ.

Officer engaged in community contact with a subject at the Student Recreation Center.

Officer stopped KS 60-Day tag B95977 in Sector 8. Citation for expired tag.

Jan. 29

Officers responded to a 911 hang up from the Alumni Center. It was a misdial.

Officer assisted two female subjects at ESU PD HQ in reference to an accident that occurred off campus. Subjects were referred to Emporia Police Dept.

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