Jan. 16

Officer checked the welfare in Visser Hall room 208 for a 911 hang up. No

problem found.

Officer assisted Emporia Police Dept. with a suspicious property call in the 1000

Officer assisted Emporia Police Dept. with a suspicious person call at 105 W 12th - Kwik Shop.

Jan. 17

Ambulance responded to Butcher Education Center for a fall. Female subject was transported by officer to Newman Regional Health.

Jan. 18

Officer assisted Emporia Police Dept. with a call at 736 E 12th.

Officer stopped TX JBH6476 in 1800 Highland. Citation for no driver’s license and expired registration.

Officer stopped KS 994HPW in 1800 Merchant. Citation for expired registration.

Officer engaged in community contact with multiple students coming back from a track meet.

Resident Assistant Skyler Smith reported a suspicious odor coming from the elevator area of the 1st floor of Central Morse. Officers were unable to locate the source.

Jan. 19

Officer escorted two female students from Twin Towers Complex to 1519 Merchant- Chi-Omega Sorority.

Officer stopped KS 064KFS at 10th and Merchant. Citation for failure to drive according to weather conditions and a stop sign violation at 11th and Merchant.

Douglas Johnson requested welfare checked for Amy Johnson in Singular Hall.

Officer made contact. No problem was found.

Jan. 20

Officer contacted MO PL6J1B at 200 East 13th and advised them to not litter.

Jan. 21

Officer stopped KS 737CBO at 12th and Constitution for texting while driving. Citation for driving under a suspended license. Vehicle was legally parked and subject arranged for a ride.

Officers contacted a male sleeping in WAW Library lobby and advised to leave the building.

Jan. 22

Dispatch received elevator call from Cramer building. Officer sent. No problems.

Officer assisted Emporia Police Dept. with an escort.

Resident Assistant in Trusler Hall requested officers check the welfare of a possibly intoxicated male in the first floor lobby. Subject left prior to officers’ arrival.

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