Nov. 6

Officer admitted Evergreen Construction worker into Roosevelt Hall Room 103.


Parking Enforcement immobilized KS 576HWZ in Sector 1.


Jacky Fehr in Social Sciences requested to speak with an officer at Plumb Hall Room 408.


Nov. 7

A female student requested to speak with an officer on the telephone in reference to an erratic driver.


Residential Life staff advised of a suspicious odor on 6th floor of North Twin Towers. Officer unable to locate.


Officer assisted Lyon Co. deputy with a call at 12th and State.


Nov. 8

Officer retrieved a student’s bag from Student Wellness Center. Returned to ESU PD HQ.


Officer checked Trusler Sports Complex. Secured river access gate and north compound gate.


Officer provided escort for male staff member from Twin Towers Complex to Schallenkamp Hall.


Officer stopped KS 51134 at 18 th and Mayfair. Verbal warning for no headlights.


Nov. 9

Officers checked welfare of female subject in Sector 3. No problem found.


Officer admitted Richmore Lawn Care into east Welch Stadium.


Residence assistants reported the smell of marijuana in Trusler/Singular Complex. Officer was unable to locate the source.


Nov. 10

Officer checked Trusler Sports Complex. Secured batting barn, mechanical room and men’s restroom.


Officer engaged in community contact with a male subject at 1829 Merchant.


Officer admitted student Amber Braddy into King Hall to retrieve her art supplies.


Officer stopped KS 007KZL in 1000 Merchant. Verbal warning for defective headlights.


Nov. 11

Officers assisted KS 334EPI on I-35 north at mm 130. Tow truck was contacted.


Officers assisted KS 034KVS in Sector 5 with a flat tire.


Officer admitted student Ian Vajnar into Beach Music Hall to retrieve his instrument.


Nov. 12

Officers stopped KS 273MGR at 13 th and Merchant. Suspect was taken into custody for possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia, and transported to Lyon Co. jail.


Ambulance responded to Science Hall Room 213. Female subject was transported by ambulance to Newman Regional Health.

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