April 24

Ambulance responded to Welch Stadium for a seizure. Subject was transported by ambulance to Newman Regional Health.

Officer took a report of a suspicious person at the Chi Omega house. Officers will provide extra patrol.


April 25

Travon Jones reported a Hit and Run accident at Police and Safety. Incident occurred in between 2000 on 4/24/2019 and 1000 on 4/25/2019, unsure of location. Officer took report.

A subject reported a sexual assault South Towers. Incident took place on 04/25/2019 at about 2100. Officer provided escort for female from Towers to Newman Regional Health. Officer took report.

Subject served a no contact order at Towers.

Officer responded to 1201 W 12th to picked up evidence reference case# 2019-C-026.

Residential life staff reported suspicious activity in South Tower Room 416. Officer advised everything was ok.


April 26

Gabriel Diaz-Serrano reported a hit and run to KS 669KML at 400 E 18th St. Occurred 04/26/2019 between 1348 and 1400 hours. Report taken.

Officer stopped KS 373KHN at 1200 Highland St. for seatbelt violation. Subject was taken into custody and cited for no DL and ignition interlock required and transported to Lyon Co. jail.

Butcher Education Center zone 1 security breach alarm Room 1. Human error. Officer went to reset alarm and had no contact. Alarm reset.

Officer assisted Kansas Trooper 24 with a car stop at 1800 Merchant St.

Officer stopped MO FR4F1A at 1000 Commercial St. Verbal warning for improper left turn at same location. Cited for expired DL.

Officers checked welfare of subjects at Old Hornet Fields. A subject was transported to Newman Regional Health for an injury by personal vehicle KS Breast Cancer Tag 634.

Officers took report of an injury accident involving KS 94CDT at 17th and Highland St. An ambulance responded to 1502 Wooster Dr. for a subject. He was transported by Ambulance 2 to Newman Regional Health.

Officers assisted Emporia Police Dept. with a fight at 600 Merchant.


April 27

Officer stopped KS 60 Day C048805 in the 100 block of West 13th. Subject was transported to Lyon County Jail. Reason for stop was no seatbelt, reason for arrest was no drivers license and no proof of insurance.

Officer stopped and searched KS 103FWJ at 14th and Highland. Citation was issued for the open carrying of containers.

Officer stopped KS 477KZM at 12th and East. Citation was issued for no driver’s license and for no seatbelt.

Officer stopped KS 958LZN in the 100 block of W. 13th . Verbal warning was given for defective tag light, citation was issued for expired driver’s license.

Residential Life reported an intoxicated subject on the 1st floor of South Tower. Ambulance responded and transported subject to Newman Regional Health.


April 28

Officers responded to a medical call that occurred on the Old Hornet Field’s involving a student. He was transported to Newman Regional Health by officer and admitted to hospital.

Officers assisted Emporia Police Dept. with a domestic dispute at 126 S. Cottonwood.


April 29

A subject requested to speak to an officer at Trusler Sports Complex. Officer took report of criminal damage.

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