Logs from ESU

Police and Safety

Jan. 20

Officer conducted community contact at Trusler.

Plumb Hall, Rm 103A,

everything was ok, misdial.

Officer conducted community contact at Abigail


Officers were involved

in a vehicle pursuit from

10 E 12th to 1100 East St.

The vehicle crashed in the

1100 Blk of East St. The

driver fled, the passenger

was arrested for Possession of Meth, Possession of

Drug Paraphernalia, and

Opened Alcohol. The vehicle was impounded by K&S


Jumpstart for KS 146JSA,

Towers Complex parking


Jan. 22

Assisted Lyon County

Attorney’s office with affidavit corrections.

Sector 4, vehicle alarm

sounding, everything was ok.

Assisted process server

delivering a protection order to a student at Abigail.

Officer arrested subject

for reckless driving and

DUI, MP 129, I-35. Subject

transported to jail.

Admitted Steve Sisson

to the HPER building.

Jan. 23

Assisted visually impaired student inquir-

ing about touring campus

buildings to find her classes.

Welfare check on the

7th South Tower RA, parent wasn’t able to reach the

individual by phone. Subject contacted and advised

to call home.

Vehicle maintenance on


Jan. 24

Officer admitted Braelyn Falls, Brogan Falls, and

Blake Deines into King,

Plumb, Science, Visser,

and HPER so visually impaired student could locate

classes for semester.

Trusler Sports Complex


Report of a loud hissing

noise outside of Schallenkamp Hall. Nothing located by offices.

Assisted EPD with a

reckless driver at 600 E


Jan. 25

Assisted KS 096CNQ at

MP 130, I-35, disabled vehicle.

Completed deposit for

the business office.

Checked on a disabled

vehicle, 1400 Burlingame


Assisted EPD with a

suspicious person at 8th &

W. Wilman CT.

Received a complaint of

a bat flying around in the

Library. Officers were unable to catch the bat.

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